Our Wedding Recap – The Details

One thing I loved about wedding planning was all of the little details. Unlike most little girls, I didn’t grow up dreaming of my perfect wedding. I only knew two things: #1 it had to be at the beach & #2 I wanted color and sophistication. When I thought of my wedding, I wanted it clean and crisp but with a few bold touches.

My great grandma, grew coral peonies in her yard. Growing up, my mom said she loved those peonies. So when I was looking at a way to pay tribute to my moms side of the family the beauty and personality of coral peonies because the fixture that I planned all of the details around.

My mom and I had so much fun creating the perfect wedding day, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as beautiful or successful without the help of our wedding planner, Melinda. She was amazing and immediately understood our vision.

From there, the details were born. I knew I wanted acrylic, especially acrylic signs. I once saw a photo of one in the Brides of Oklahoma magazine and I feel in love. I based so many of our details off wanting to incorporate acrylic. The signs, our cake topper, and even the name plates at each table incorporated this clean yet fun and trendy piece.

Next, I knew I wanted whites with a touch of gold. There was something so clean and classic about it. We wanted to make sure that they were supporting details that would allow the flowers to stand out.

We also picked a cake that took a spin on tradition. The gold flakes and honeycomb design were the perfect design element and the acrylic cake top was the best finishing touch.

To top off our wedding, Russell drew the funniest cartoon character of us that we put on Koozies for all of our guests. It was the best little surprise that I know people will still get a kick out of years from now.

Overall, so many little things go into making your day amazing. If you have any questions about the details in this post I would love to help walk you through and relive our day.

Transition To Fall with Revolve

Thank you Revolve for gifting me these pieces!

Summer is coming to an end but with hot weather on the horizon for a couple more months, you need pieces that you can wear now and then.

These looks from Revolve are great with a skirt or shorts now and later on with your favorite pair of jeans or layered with a great Moto jacket.

Shop: Jean Shorts || Sweater || Sneakers (similar)

This little rainbow sweater is lightweight and so cute! Gives me total California beach vibes and I paired it with Air Force 1 sneakers and my favorite AGolde jean shorts.

Shop: Shorts | Sweater

Love this off the shoulder sweater, the color is so on trend for fall and it is perfect with these AGolde shorts. You can get both from Revolve linked above.

Shop: Jeans | Halter | Heels

Love this crop halter with these straight leg distressed jeans. Perfect for wearing now like this and then grab a leather moto jacket for later. Its a great price and the champagne color with some shimmer is stunning!

Shop: Off the Shoulder Sweater

This sweater is so cute and comfortable. Love it dressed down with joggers and sneakers but will be so cute with leather joggers and a pair of jeans for a day out look.

Shop these pieces & more now on the Revolve website, linked here.

Wedding Weekend Outfits from Revolve

I snagged a few pieces from Revolve recently that are PERFECT for summer! From swimsuits to jean shorts. Dresses to wedges, Revolve has everything you could need and more!

** Revolve gifted me several pieces on this post! Thank you guys for supporting me and helping make this collab happen!**

The first piece I snagged was this stunning red swimsuit from one of Revolves newest influencer collections. It runs true to size and is super flattering! You can grab it here.


My rehearsal dinner dress may be my favorite Revolve purchase ever. It is stunning, has a slit in the front and a beautiful open back! It does run a bit big so be sure to size down one size. You can find it using this link: https://rvlv.me/C4FLmY

This blue midi dress is comfy and can easily be dressed up or down. I love the navy blue and it’s a super flattering silhouette and perfect length whether you are taller or shorter than 5’5! It runs true to size and you can snag it at this link:

Dress: https://rvlv.me/C4FLmY

Earrings: https://rvlv.me/Zj4h95

Shoes: https://rvlv.me/VB7mUI

Last up is the cutest white top from Lovers and Friends, super classic and casual bur with a twist. I love the side making it an asymmetrical crop.

Tee: https://rvlv.me/C4FLmY

AGolde Shorts: https://rvlv.me/sWvYBd

Bridesmaids Gifts Part 2: Bride Tribe

My first gift I shared in last week’s blog post here, was something extremely practical and useful or my bridesmaids. This week, I wanted to share the fun party favors I got them that they will not only love but will be great in photos for Bachelorette & Wedding Week.

Jean Jackets

Way before I ever got engaged, I knew I wanted to do something special with Jean Jackets for myself and possibly my bridesmaids. If you have been around long you know I love my jeans and my jean jackets. I decided to get them something practical that they could wear again but if not it was still a great pieces to have for wedding festivities.

I used my friend Sydney from Golden Custom Designs to put the names on the jean jackets. She was quick, affordable, and did EXACTLY what I wanted. They truly are your one stop shop for all things personalized. So if you need cosmetic bags, tumblers, shirts, you name it they probably have it.

Jean jackets can be affordable or expensive so it is really up to your budget to decide what you want to do. I went with affordable jean jackets from Boo Hoo, they were around $16 each making the jacket total around $35-40 per person. You could also find greaf affordable ones at Tartet, Walmart, Amazon, Shein, and Loft Outlet.

Pajama Party Sleep Masks

Because of COVID, we decided to do something a little more lo-key for my Bachelorette. We decided on renting a cabin in Broken Bow, OK not far from the city. There are tons of great restaurants, winery, etc. but unsure of the nightlife, we decided one night to do a pajama party.

I found super cute but inexpensive facemasks on Etsy and personalized them or each of my girls. They had tons of different colors to pick form and it is a great way to do something photo worthy without braking the bank.

Wife of the Party & The Party Swimsuits

Because my wedding is in Florida and we have a super nice hot tub at the cabin I decided these were a must. Because the price can add up quick, I wanted to be budget conscious but also pick ones that were cute, faltering, and a good material. I was so impressed with the robes I ordered for my girls that I decided to use Wedding Favorites for my swimsuits.

These were such great price and the quality is incredible. Not to mention they had quicker than expected turn around time. I would highly highly recommend them. They have everything from pjs, to specific themes, party décor, flower girl pieces, EVERYTHING.

I hope this was helpful for you! I paid for everything out of my own pocket but I truly loved each of the vendors I used so much that I wanted to share them with you! See you back next week for more looks at our Bachelorette Party!

Bridesmaid’s Gifts Part 1: Survival Kits with Barrington Gifts

My bridesmaids mean the world to me. Not only are they going above and beyond to plan me the most perfect bachelorette trip, they also are all flying down to Florida to stand by my side when I get married. I knew I wanted to do something super special for them so for I decided to put together a little something and surprise them on our trip. Because we are headed to Florida just a couple of month after the Bachelorette trip, I will likely be taking these back and refilling them for the wedding.

While so many times brides get their girls ‘gifts’ that are things they want for pictures or things that really won’t be used after the wedding, I wanted to make sure I had at least one gift that they would love and use long after June 13th. I have seen so many people do survival kits but I got the idea to use Barrington from my friend Hannah with Oh What a Sight to See.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series sharing how I decided and what I decided to gift my girls!

Barrington Gifts

Most of you who have followed me for a while know how much I love Barrington Gifts. I have several of their totes, a cabin bag, and a passport holder from them. They are amazing quality, quick turn around time, and have so many cute and fun styles to chose from. I knew I definitely wanted to partner with them to create a ‘Bachelorette Trip Survival Kit’.

I debated on which of their travel accessories to go with but landed on the clear Katie Pouch to hold all of their goodies. It is the perfect size for travel but also great to throw in your totes, purse, or diaper bag to keep things organized and easily accessible. With more than 40 patterns to pick form, I knew I would be able to find one that everyone would love and would match our wedding colors & Bachelorette theme.

What’s In Them

  1. Travel Sized Facial Spray: Our theme is ‘Camp Sivard’ we plan to go to a winery & do some hiking so a light refresh is must.
  2. A Tinted Chapstick: Not only is this one of my favorite chapsticks, it also gives you a great color. Good for on the go especially travel to keep hydrated.
  3. Silk Hair Tie: Always a must to keep around!
  4. Sheet Masks: Another must when you travel is sheet masks. I thought this would be a fun thing to do together and still be super practical.
  5. Emergen-C: With Covid you can’t ever have enough Vitamin C.
  6. Mini – Hand Sanitizer: Also a must with COVID.
  7. Pedialyte Packs: I swear by these things, especially to ward off or cure a hangover. It is a lot like Liquid -IV but in my opinion it works a little better.
  8. Arbone Fizz Sicks: I love these for an extra dose of energy and it forces me to drink water and stay hydrated.

Be sure to check back later this week for part 2 where I am sharing the other things I got and where I got them!

Our First Home Part 2: Must Haves

Within our first year in our first home, we have discovered SOOO many things we wish we had and are now having to get. From small things to even some big things. So I have compiled a list together for you!

  1. Blinds: sounds crazy I know but our house didn’t come with any so the first day or two in the house felt awkward. Everyone could see in.
  2. Ring Doorbell / Video Doorbell: The first couple weeks in your new home, you are getting use to the traffic that goes by, different schedules for delivery / USPS / and all around getting comfortable. We waited a few months to get our Ring and I wish we would have invested right away.
  3. Appliances: This seems like an obvious one, but it drastically changed our budget when we realized we would have to buy all of this ourselves.
  4. Furniture: This ties back to part 1 of this two part post. There are a million ways to go about getting furniture but it is obviously a priority
  5. Trash Cans / Shower Curtains: These are things that can seem expensive to get at first but must haves for your first home.
  6. Dish Sets / Glassware: If you are newly engaged, this is probably something that you registered for but if not, there is not shame in starting on the cheaper end. Target, Walmart, Macey (black Friday), Big Lots, JC Penny’s all have great affordable options that are good starter sets. We went with the Pioneer Woman set from Walmart to start out and they have been great!
  7. Cooking Essentials – chances are if you have lived alone you will have these but things we realized we didn’t have enough of or had to buy where the following: mixing bowls, measuring cups, 4-5 spatulas, pasta spoon, ladle, 3-5 pot holders, scissors
  8. Pots, pans, baking sheets, strainers: While you can just start out with one or two of each of these, I would recommend adding to your collection over time, especially if you are like us and don’t always keep up with the dishes.
  9. Spices & Food Staples: There are few things that you will want to start out with and always keep on hand. For us, we found a revolving spice rack at Sam’s that had a wide variety of spice you will use every day. It was a great way to start out. Then we purchased big things of salt, pepper, flower, sugar, etc.
  10. Trash Bags, Cleaning Supplies: This is a huge one that you often don’t think about until you are moving in and realize you don’t have it.
  11. Internet Cables, Extension Cords, Wireless Router: These are things you will end up needing. If you get them ahead of moving in you will waste less time and less frustration when you don’t have tv or wifi for a few days.
  12. Bathroom Essentials: Shower Mats, Soap, Toilet Paper, Trashcans, Shampoo, Conditioner, Etc.
  13. Tools: Cordless Drill, Screw Driver Set, Nails, 3M Strips, Tape, Step ladder, Hammer, Level, Tape Measure.

Your First Home Part 1: Must Haves & Where We Shopped

I am by no means a first home expert, but one of my sweet readers asked me to put together a post on things we needed when we bought our first home including great places to get furniture.

One piece of advice(that I wish I would have listened to), start small – get necessities first and then fill in. Your first home doesn’t have to be perfect on day one. We have lived in our first home for 1.5 years and still have two rooms that aren’t completely done yet and that is ok!

A little more advice: start by trying to figure out your style. Look at Pinterst, search in the Liketoknow.it app, and browse websites. Get a firm budget in mind and try to really focus on the focal points, you will always have time to pick up finishing touches. Using Canva to mock up furniture is a great way to help your color schemes come to life before you even spend a dime!

Favorite Places For Furniture:

Getting furniture and appliance for your first home is expensive, and for most of us we are on a budget. Everyone has a different idea of how much they want to spend so I will give you a few of the places we shopped at along with some tips. A lot of them were local so try checking your local equivalents if that makes sense 🙂

Target: You can find so many great and well made pieces that won’t break the bank. That way 5 years from now when you are more established you won’t feel bad replacing them. Some of the things we got at Target include our bar stools, console table, wall decor, a white bench, outdoor table set, and other misc. pieces.

Lowes: You can also find tons of great things, especially rugs, at Lowes. One thing a lot of people don’t know is they have a whole section of 8×10 rugs that are under $200(ours is linked here)! Great quality rugs that will last and a lot of different colors and varieties. All in all, they have a lot of amazing rugs to pick form in all sizes that are more affordable than even Target or Overstock.

Galleria Furniture Outlet: We were able to get our couch (which is huge) for such a great price. They have all furniture, sets, and even wall décor for incredible prices. They really try to get you on delivery and assembly so try to get a few of your pieces at the same place or pick them up yourselves. They also have a section for things that are ‘slightly damaged or discontinued’ and you can find some great deals in there!

Ashley Furniture / Mathis Brothers: Like Galleria, they also have a room full of slightly damaged, aged out, discontinued things. You can find some really great pieces at great prices with a scratch you can easily fix yourself. They also have great deals on bedroom suites which is where we got ours and some affordable coffee and console tables.

Home Goods / At Home: We were able to find great décor pieces, pillows, and even some furniture at both of these places. You can get pretty inexpensive pieces some are great quality too! We found our two leather chairs for our reading nook here for under $100 each!

Big Lots, Burkes Outlet, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Amazon are a few other great places to find inexpensive furniture, home décor, rugs, and more. Be sure to read reviews and look at the return policy. I find that they can often be a hit or miss but sometimes you find HUGE hits!

Wedding planning 411 – Getting Started

Disclaimer: This is just what worked for us, and it may not be the best solution or steps for you!

One of the things you have asked for on Instagram is for more wedding contents so that is something I am really working on! One things I thought would be helpful is how we got started wedding planning and some things I have learned so far. Both from my experience planning my own and previously working for a wedding planner.

We are officially less than 5 months out from what I know will be the best day but that doesn’t mean it has been all sunshine and roses in the planning process so far.

First, we are planning a destination wedding so that comes with its own sets of problems, especially during a global pandemic. So I will start with the basic advice on how we got started.

  1. Browse Pinterest, Bridal Magazines, and Instagram to get a vision. This will also help you decide on a realistic budget.
  2. Try to set an initial budget but make it flexible. Until you get deeper into planning you don’t realize how expensive it can be. We tried to set a budget for each category and stick as close as we could to it.
  3. Make a priority list: list all of the things that are non-negotiable for you. For me it was having a photographer and videographer I loved. I knew that to get those two things, other aspects of the budget may have to get cut.
  4. Decide when & where you want to get married. Remember if there are certain aspects at the top of your priority list, but you are unsure if they fit in your budget you can work around that by trying to pick a month to get married that isn’t a ‘peak’ month, getting married on a Friday or Sunday rather than Saturday etc.
  5. Photographer / Vendors: Once we knew the location and month we wanted to get married, the first thing we did was reach out to the photographer we wanted to check her availability. Since we were a little flexible on the date, we wanted to make sure the vendors we 100% wanted could make the date work which is how we ended up with a Sunday.
  6. Venue: From there, we contacted the venue and started working with them to solidify things. This is where our process will likely be very different than most. We had visited our destination many times and had known for more than a year the venue we wanted to get married at and due to Covid we couldn’t visit so we had to make a decision. Normally you would want to go to your venues.
  7. Wedding Coordinator: Originally, we did not think we would have a wedding planner other than for the day of. I highly highly recommend you at least invest in an day-of/month-of coordinator. It will take so much stress off of you knowing everything is being handled. We ended up talking to a few and fell in love with a local wedding planner named Melinda. She fit right in our budget and is very talented. She has already taken so much stress, pressure, and time away from us.
  8. Wedding Dress: Because my wedding was only 7-8 months away we knew getting a dress had to be a top priority. With Covid, getting vendors as well as a dress could be difficult, especially with rescheduled brides. So we immediately set a few appointments knowing we probably had a week or two max to get one ordered if we wanted to have time for alternations. I ended up finding the one and I will spill more of those details in a future bog post!

If you made it here THANK YOU!! I will do a follow up post with more information and details but I didn’t want this one to get overwhelming. If you are a bride and have questions or other advice please please leave it in the comments! Again this is just what worked for us and where we stared and may not be for everyone.

Our Proposal Story

Buckle Up! This is a long one, but I am so excited to finally get it out in writing for you!

Photos by A.W. Photography

Writing this post, even months later, is still a pinch me moment! One of the first times in college Russ and I hung out, we were Kayaking with friends. Two of our friend were poking fun at each other and Russ and I kept making eye contact. I remember looking up and him smiling at me and I said to myself wow, I think I am going to marry him some day. 6 years and 10 days after our official first date, he popped the question!

Russell knew that the only way to get me someplace dress up, hair and makeup done, in an outfit I loved was to stage a photoshoot. I had been wanting to get Christmas card photos done with Ryder so at first when my best friend Ashley reached out to me about swapping photos, I didn’t think anything of it other than I was excited. She was sending me tons of outfit inspo picks and making sure I was wearing a pretty dress (instead of my usual jeans and a sweater) so I started getting a tiny bit suspicious. That weekend at brunch, I confronted her about it (one thing you will learn about me is I am super blunt). Ashely, Amanda, and Rachel three of my best friends were all quick to assure me, multiple times over the next two weeks, that if he was doing it was a total surprise to them. In fact they even acted mad that they didn’t know. So I totally believed them.

Fast forward to that day, Russ was acting like it was just a normal day. We grabbed breakfast and Starbucks, watched football, and hung out. He paid extra close attention to getting ready and (all girls know this struggle) encouraged me to wash my hair when I said I think I would just leave it as is and curl it ;). I felt so pretty as we left the house and was still a tad suspicious but really tried to not get my hopes up. About five minutes in to taking the pictures, I felt like I had been wrong it wasn’t happening or it would have because he took Ryder back to the car for some pictures with just us two, he had no ring box anywhere I could see, and you know ladies all the ‘signs’ you look for.

Ashley suggested we do a pose that is one I usually hate, so even in the photos I did not look totally ready. I was expecting him to run, pick me up, and spin me around so I was braced for impact haha. That is when he told me to turn around. I immediately blacked out. It took me a couple of minutes to even take the ring because I was so in shock and so filled with joy that I would get to marry this man!

After several more pictures, we made arrangements to meet Ashley at a local bar for a celebration drink. As we pulled up I saw a couple of my friends cars and figured it was an engagement party! I was shocked when none of our family was there but I was so excited to see some of my closest friends and celebrate. We decided to go over to another local restaurant for dinner but didn’t think much of it. As we walked into the restaurant, I made eye contact with my dad and future dad-in-law and didn’t even recognize them. I was shocked and burst into tears when I walked into the room and found all of Russell and I’s family and my best friend Rachel there. It was the most surreal moment of my life and one I will never forget!

Kansas City Travel Guide

Shop Look #1: Bag (similar – exact sold out) // black jeans // Mules // Oversized Button Down

Shop bottom look: Cropped Boyfriend Jeans // Similar Jeans – Exact Sold Out // Mules // Similar Crop sweatshirt (sold in store @ Nordstrom – not available online)

A couple of weekends ago, Russ and I took a super fun weekend trip up to Kansas City. A lot of people asked us “Why KC”. When I lived in Kansas we visited KC all of the time! I loved everything about it. As I got older, the desire to be there and explore only grew. Kansas City is now a big city that still feels small. There are so many sights, sounds, shops, and eats in Kansas City. Its so hard to do a trip in just a couple of days but it was plenty of time to fall in love with the city and a few of the places there. Russ and I have narrowed it down to our top picks in this fun weekend getaway guide to Kansas City.

Local Eats


There is a large restaurant scene in Kansas City, and it can be difficult to keep track of all of the recommendation and restaurants you pass by.

For KC BBQ you have to try Q39. This is an amazing BBQ restaurant with so many great options that you won’t find at your typical bbq places. We suggest starting off with the onion strings. They are thin, crispy, spicy, and delicious. The plate is piled high and it comes with an amazing dipping sauce. The main courses were even tastier. Our awesome bartender talked me into their Burnt Ends sandwich and it was to die for. Russell had a sandwich with three different means and he loved it. This was such a fun and trendy BBQ place, we can’t wait to go back!


For great pizza try Chiusano’s Brick Oven Pizzeria at Legends Outlet Mall. The Pizza is amazing, the atmosphere is cute and quaint, and the price is just right. Russell and I split the best brick oven pizza we have ever had. It is the perfect opportunity to eat Italian food in Kansas City.

Mexican food restaurants are easy to find in KC. There are so many options it made it hard to chose. We ended up going with a favorite that we don’t get all that often, Chuys. If you don’t have a Chuys close you have to go.The food is great, the staff was so nice, and the atmosphere was, even more, fun the ones in Oklahoma and Texas.

Fun & Drinks



Power and Lights District has so many fun bars and restaurants. Perfect place to hop from place to place or go for just a couple of drinks. We loved this area and can’t wait to go back! Each place has its own personality and many were fun even during the day on Sunday.

Houlihan’s is one of my families favorite places to get drinks, especially during their drink specials on Sundays. It was a great place for us to watch the football games, get a small bite to eat, and have a few of their tasty drinks. The location right next to Oak Park Mall in Overland Park had an amazing patio and so many TVs. Definitely a great place for day drinks.  

Processed with Rookie Camimg_3357

KC Soda Co was such a fun place to spend a little time on Sunday. It is at the Legends Outlet Mall and offers thousands of unique Sodas. We had so much fun testing out different sodas and finding our favorite flavors.


Shopping in Kansas City was so fun! There are a couple of places I really recommend if you are going to Kansas City to shop.

Oak Park Mall is a large mall, especially compared to the malls in Oklahoma City. There are great stores like Evereve, Nordstrom, H&M, and so much more! We could have spent days exploring all of the stores and styles they offered.

The Plaza – The outdoor mall at the plaza was so fun. There are a ton of good shopping options, many of which are different than options we have at home. The Kate Spade store, of course, drew me in. It was so cute and the employees were amazing. We loved all of the fun restaurants, the great little coffee, and sweet shops, and of course, the people watching.

Legends Outlet Mall is another great place to go shopping. It is best to go early in the morning because by the afternoon it was really crowded. They had most of the traditional outlet shops with an added few we don’t have close. I loved the Victoria Secret Outlet and went crazy in Levi. This is the perfect place to spend your Sunday morning or late afternoon on your tip. Did I mention the area itself is so fun? The racetrack, soccer field, and new water park (that is still under construction) are all within walking distance.

Live Music


KC Live in the Power and Lights district looked like one of the most fun places. There were tons of bars all in one area as well as an outdoor stage that plays tons of great bands. We missed the bands but the area looked like a total blast and we can’t wait to go next time we are there. I will say that during the day they played a movie over the stage outside. It looked like the perfect place to brunch and hang out during the day.

The Plaza district also has live music on some Saturday nights, it has food trucks, and it is such a fun outdoor atmosphere. We had so much fun exploring the area, hearing a little music, and grabbing some yummy snacks before dinner.

Where to Stay

There are so many great hotels depending on what you are wanting to do in Kansas City. We chose to stay in Olathe just outside of Kansas City. We found it to be the perfect location for us. It was a little cheaper than staying in downtown KC. It also was right off the high which made it easy to get any place we wanted to go quickly and with minimal traffic. I would suggest staying closer to downtown or the power and lights district if you are wanting to really experience the nightlife.

Thank you all so much for your recommendation a couple of weeks ago and for reading this post. We are hoping to do more weekend getaway to keep creating these fun guides for you all if you like them. Trips like these can be so fun without costing a ton. Have you been to KC? What should I add to this list?