Online Shopping Confessions


Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam

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You guys, I have sort of an embarrassing confession to make.. I am totally “that girl” that online stores HATE. I am serious. I am the worst when it comes to online shopping. I add anything & everything I like to my online cart (partially because I do not want to have to find it again) and then end up closing my browser without buying a single thing. I am always catching myself doing this when I go back to the site a week or so later with the same things still in my cart and tons sold out notifications. Does anyone else do this?? I think part of the problem is I find way to much that I like and get overwhelmed when I try to narrow it down and then I hate having to return things.

Anyway, one of my most recent online purchases – that I adore – are these Sam Edelman Strappy Sandals. I probably looked at these for three weeks before I finally pulled the trigger and I am so glad I did! They are extremely comfortable not to mention this color is gorgeous. I am truly in love.

These will be perfect for those warmer temps with dresses, shorts, or styled here with jeans. I also love the heel height. They are a little shorter than some of my other Sam Edelman sandals so I feel that I can wear them for more occasions.If you are thinking “I need these” I found them at DSW around Valentine’s day and surprisingly all three colors are still in stock and run true to size. Happy Shopping!

XO - Courtney B.

19 thoughts on “Online Shopping Confessions

  1. I love your bright, strappy shoes! Those will be so fun throughout the spring and summer to wear. And yes, I confess, I do the same exact thing with online shopping! I fill my cart and ponder the purchases for a good week before deciding what I really want to buy. LOL! It’s not super effective. 🙂


  2. I do the same thing! I build a cart full of everything that I love, then narrow it down by what my budget (realistically) is and what I can’t live without that fits in to that budget! Loving those sandals BTW, super cute color for Spring!


  3. I look at stuff for like days and days until I finally convince myself that I don’t need it! I would totally be in your shoes if I didn’t tell myself NO! I’ll literally be in your shoes too! Those are 100% beauties


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