Maskcara Beauty’s Highlight and Contouring Kit

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Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend!! Is anyone else super excited to watch the bachelorette tonight? I am so excited for today’s post and to share with you all my favorite new makeup and stylist – Jessie Haddock  with Maskcara Beauty. She is not only a hard working mom, and ER Nurse with (CRAZY) hours, but she is also a fantastic makeup artist!

So to start this off, I have a confession to make, I have never really been one to wear or go crazy over makeup. It was just never my thing. Even in middle and high school, I had a pretty clear face so I never felt it super necessary. Not to mention I played sports and worked out every day so I hated sweating my makeup off. Until a week or two ago I truly stuck with the basics – a good tinted moisturizer, occasionally a little bronzer, a pretty pink blush, eyeliner, mascara, and of course a little eye shadow from my favorite Naked pallet.

I had seen people both using and showing how to highlight and contour and LOVED it but it was never something I took seriously for myself. That was until I met Jessie. You guys she totally changed the makeup game for me.

In a little under 30 minutes, she taught me how to highlight and contour my face using Maskcara’s totally affordable “HAC” kit. Not only did she take the time to make sure I fully understood all of the steps to create the look, but she really listened to my concerns and taught me that with practice how to create an easy 10 minutes look. That was great for me, especially for those times that I am literally running out the door in the morning (which is always).

Y’all the products from Jessie’s Maskcara sight are gorgeous. Not only the way it looks on your face, or the way it makes you feel, but the packaging itself is stunning. I received this entire kit for a little over $70 dollars. At first I thought that was a little more expensive than I wanted to pay for makeup, especially compared to my usual 15 dollar moisturizer but it is totally worth it. Once you have the kit, you are able to buy replacement separately for anything you run out of. That has to be one of my favorite parts about this product and company. For $12 you can get any piece of the contour and highlight kit your run out of without buying a whole new kit. I have always found it so annoying that if you run out of one color on a pallet you have to buy the entire thing again, so this is amazing!!!

I have posted the step by step instruction video below, you guys it is seriously so helpful! I have also added and linked every single piece in my kit. Don’t forget to make sure Jessie is your stylist when you hit the product page:) Her stylist ID is #1266 and she can be reached via Instagram @jess.face.forward or using her email so be sure to follow her and ask any questions!

  1. HAC Brush (seriously so soft!)
  2. Beauty Blender (Even softer and way better than a drugstore brand!)
  3. Palette (This includes your highlighter, contour, illuminator, and blush – I am using the Medium Tan Palette)
  4. Stay Spray (This was not part of my original kit, I just got a sample but I am seriously in love and will be stocking up! I took pictures in 100 degree heat and my makeup stayed flawless! )

Be sure to check out this video for a step by step tutorial:
A special thank you to Jessie for providing me with this kit. I can’t wait to continue using it!As always, all opinions are my own. Be sure to brows her site and let us know if you have any questions or would like to see any before and afters 😦

XO - Courtney B.

10 thoughts on “Maskcara Beauty’s Highlight and Contouring Kit

    1. I was so scared of that to but you can totally control how much you put on and I’ve found it to look less caked than any of my other makeup brands! The video definitely helped but the makeup itself is very light.


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