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Happy Saturday!

Today is the big day!! For all of you who don’t know, I graduated a little over a year and a half ago from The University of Oklahoma. I wasn’t raised to be an OU fan but it is safe to say after years of living in Oklahoma and going to games I am obsessed. I consider myself a self-appointed coach who yells at the players from the comfort of my couch ;). So its safe to say if I have any control over it, I don’t miss a game. Thank gosh Russell is the same way.

I have introduced you all to and talk a lot about Russell. He is seriously amazing and I am so lucky to have him but he has one big (HUGE) flaw, he and his family are Oklahoma State fans. With that being said, Bedlam is a huge deal for us. We have so much fun all season watching the teams together and our rivalry grows with every game. This is the one day of the year that I know if I am to walk into his house I will be met with trash talk at every turn and if I am being honest I would be disappointed if they didn’t. Each year this game gets bigger and bigger and we always look forward to it.

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So in honor of the big game, I thought it would be fun to share a little his & her game day style with you all.

Russell Half Body - SmirkRussell Full Body

Russ is a super stylish so I love seeing the outfits he throws together. This look is perfect for a guy on gameday. For those of you who help dress your boyfriends/dads (no shame I do too haha), this is an easy and casual go-to look. I found that if you just grab a cool college shirt, a jean jacket or leather jacket, jeans, and a great pair of suede or leather shoes it won’t be outside of their comfort zone. He will look stylish and you will be the best-dressed couple or family at the game.

Me Full Body + #1Me full body

Shop: Jeans // Boots // Sweater

I will be honest, I love tshirts but I have the hardest time finding college t-shirt that I love and want to wear to games. This is partially because I always look forward to Russell and I’s annual Bedlam picture. This week I found this beautiful off-the-shoulder chenille sweater at Dillards.  They had it in cream but I knew I had to have it in Crimson. (I couldn’t find the red online but I have linked it in cream, pink, and grey) This is the softest sweaters and beautiful for game day.  With three neutrals to pick from you can find the perfect one no matter what team you go for. I threw it on with a great pair of jeans (which happen to be on sale) and over the knee boots. This is a great game day look and a great look for fall in general.

Well, I am off to watch the game but, I hope you all have a great weekend and a great game day! Boomer Sooner! Thank you for reading! If you missed yesterdays post, I have rounded up my favorites from the Nordstrom Fall Sale here!


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