Velvet Off The Shoulder Dress


Two of my favorite styles combined in one dress – velvet & off the shoulder. Needless to say, I was excited to find this dress at The Pink Petal Boutique. I think this dress would be great for holiday parties, especially if it is a warmer night.

I love the idea of velvet for holiday parties, you will be seeing another velvet party combo later this week. This pink dress is so pretty and feminine. It is beautiful with nude and camel and the pumps definitely dress it up but it would be equally as cute with a pair of sock booties and a sparkly blazer for a more glam NYE look.


Shop: Dress ($40 – size down) // Heels // My peacoat – last years (tons of colors but no longer available in this color) // Similar Pea Coat (SALE  – Under $50)  // Clutch 

Although I love seeing bloggers wear and style dresses, I don’t think there enough posts showing practical ways to wear dresses in the winter. I mean come on, how often do you get ready for a Nov. or Dec. holiday party and it is beautiful and warm enough outside for a short dress? I don’t know about you but usually, it is so cold out I can’t even think of wearing a dress without a big bulky jacket? Pea Coats and faux fur coats are a great way to stay warm without ruining the dressed up vibe of your dress.

I have a serious love affair with the Pink Petal Boutique so beware more looks from them are coming! I want to know – how to you warm up dresses for the winter?



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