Wedding planning 411 – Getting Started

Disclaimer: This is just what worked for us, and it may not be the best solution or steps for you!

One of the things you have asked for on Instagram is for more wedding contents so that is something I am really working on! One things I thought would be helpful is how we got started wedding planning and some things I have learned so far. Both from my experience planning my own and previously working for a wedding planner.

We are officially less than 5 months out from what I know will be the best day but that doesn’t mean it has been all sunshine and roses in the planning process so far.

First, we are planning a destination wedding so that comes with its own sets of problems, especially during a global pandemic. So I will start with the basic advice on how we got started.

  1. Browse Pinterest, Bridal Magazines, and Instagram to get a vision. This will also help you decide on a realistic budget.
  2. Try to set an initial budget but make it flexible. Until you get deeper into planning you don’t realize how expensive it can be. We tried to set a budget for each category and stick as close as we could to it.
  3. Make a priority list: list all of the things that are non-negotiable for you. For me it was having a photographer and videographer I loved. I knew that to get those two things, other aspects of the budget may have to get cut.
  4. Decide when & where you want to get married. Remember if there are certain aspects at the top of your priority list, but you are unsure if they fit in your budget you can work around that by trying to pick a month to get married that isn’t a ‘peak’ month, getting married on a Friday or Sunday rather than Saturday etc.
  5. Photographer / Vendors: Once we knew the location and month we wanted to get married, the first thing we did was reach out to the photographer we wanted to check her availability. Since we were a little flexible on the date, we wanted to make sure the vendors we 100% wanted could make the date work which is how we ended up with a Sunday.
  6. Venue: From there, we contacted the venue and started working with them to solidify things. This is where our process will likely be very different than most. We had visited our destination many times and had known for more than a year the venue we wanted to get married at and due to Covid we couldn’t visit so we had to make a decision. Normally you would want to go to your venues.
  7. Wedding Coordinator: Originally, we did not think we would have a wedding planner other than for the day of. I highly highly recommend you at least invest in an day-of/month-of coordinator. It will take so much stress off of you knowing everything is being handled. We ended up talking to a few and fell in love with a local wedding planner named Melinda. She fit right in our budget and is very talented. She has already taken so much stress, pressure, and time away from us.
  8. Wedding Dress: Because my wedding was only 7-8 months away we knew getting a dress had to be a top priority. With Covid, getting vendors as well as a dress could be difficult, especially with rescheduled brides. So we immediately set a few appointments knowing we probably had a week or two max to get one ordered if we wanted to have time for alternations. I ended up finding the one and I will spill more of those details in a future bog post!

If you made it here THANK YOU!! I will do a follow up post with more information and details but I didn’t want this one to get overwhelming. If you are a bride and have questions or other advice please please leave it in the comments! Again this is just what worked for us and where we stared and may not be for everyone.

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