Our First Home Part 2: Must Haves

Within our first year in our first home, we have discovered SOOO many things we wish we had and are now having to get. From small things to even some big things. So I have compiled a list together for you!

  1. Blinds: sounds crazy I know but our house didn’t come with any so the first day or two in the house felt awkward. Everyone could see in.
  2. Ring Doorbell / Video Doorbell: The first couple weeks in your new home, you are getting use to the traffic that goes by, different schedules for delivery / USPS / and all around getting comfortable. We waited a few months to get our Ring and I wish we would have invested right away.
  3. Appliances: This seems like an obvious one, but it drastically changed our budget when we realized we would have to buy all of this ourselves.
  4. Furniture: This ties back to part 1 of this two part post. There are a million ways to go about getting furniture but it is obviously a priority
  5. Trash Cans / Shower Curtains: These are things that can seem expensive to get at first but must haves for your first home.
  6. Dish Sets / Glassware: If you are newly engaged, this is probably something that you registered for but if not, there is not shame in starting on the cheaper end. Target, Walmart, Macey (black Friday), Big Lots, JC Penny’s all have great affordable options that are good starter sets. We went with the Pioneer Woman set from Walmart to start out and they have been great!
  7. Cooking Essentials – chances are if you have lived alone you will have these but things we realized we didn’t have enough of or had to buy where the following: mixing bowls, measuring cups, 4-5 spatulas, pasta spoon, ladle, 3-5 pot holders, scissors
  8. Pots, pans, baking sheets, strainers: While you can just start out with one or two of each of these, I would recommend adding to your collection over time, especially if you are like us and don’t always keep up with the dishes.
  9. Spices & Food Staples: There are few things that you will want to start out with and always keep on hand. For us, we found a revolving spice rack at Sam’s that had a wide variety of spice you will use every day. It was a great way to start out. Then we purchased big things of salt, pepper, flower, sugar, etc.
  10. Trash Bags, Cleaning Supplies: This is a huge one that you often don’t think about until you are moving in and realize you don’t have it.
  11. Internet Cables, Extension Cords, Wireless Router: These are things you will end up needing. If you get them ahead of moving in you will waste less time and less frustration when you don’t have tv or wifi for a few days.
  12. Bathroom Essentials: Shower Mats, Soap, Toilet Paper, Trashcans, Shampoo, Conditioner, Etc.
  13. Tools: Cordless Drill, Screw Driver Set, Nails, 3M Strips, Tape, Step ladder, Hammer, Level, Tape Measure.

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