Bridesmaid’s Gifts Part 1: Survival Kits with Barrington Gifts

My bridesmaids mean the world to me. Not only are they going above and beyond to plan me the most perfect bachelorette trip, they also are all flying down to Florida to stand by my side when I get married. I knew I wanted to do something super special for them so for I decided to put together a little something and surprise them on our trip. Because we are headed to Florida just a couple of month after the Bachelorette trip, I will likely be taking these back and refilling them for the wedding.

While so many times brides get their girls ‘gifts’ that are things they want for pictures or things that really won’t be used after the wedding, I wanted to make sure I had at least one gift that they would love and use long after June 13th. I have seen so many people do survival kits but I got the idea to use Barrington from my friend Hannah with Oh What a Sight to See.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series sharing how I decided and what I decided to gift my girls!

Barrington Gifts

Most of you who have followed me for a while know how much I love Barrington Gifts. I have several of their totes, a cabin bag, and a passport holder from them. They are amazing quality, quick turn around time, and have so many cute and fun styles to chose from. I knew I definitely wanted to partner with them to create a ‘Bachelorette Trip Survival Kit’.

I debated on which of their travel accessories to go with but landed on the clear Katie Pouch to hold all of their goodies. It is the perfect size for travel but also great to throw in your totes, purse, or diaper bag to keep things organized and easily accessible. With more than 40 patterns to pick form, I knew I would be able to find one that everyone would love and would match our wedding colors & Bachelorette theme.

What’s In Them

  1. Travel Sized Facial Spray: Our theme is ‘Camp Sivard’ we plan to go to a winery & do some hiking so a light refresh is must.
  2. A Tinted Chapstick: Not only is this one of my favorite chapsticks, it also gives you a great color. Good for on the go especially travel to keep hydrated.
  3. Silk Hair Tie: Always a must to keep around!
  4. Sheet Masks: Another must when you travel is sheet masks. I thought this would be a fun thing to do together and still be super practical.
  5. Emergen-C: With Covid you can’t ever have enough Vitamin C.
  6. Mini – Hand Sanitizer: Also a must with COVID.
  7. Pedialyte Packs: I swear by these things, especially to ward off or cure a hangover. It is a lot like Liquid -IV but in my opinion it works a little better.
  8. Arbone Fizz Sicks: I love these for an extra dose of energy and it forces me to drink water and stay hydrated.

Be sure to check back later this week for part 2 where I am sharing the other things I got and where I got them!

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