Bridesmaids Gifts Part 2: Bride Tribe

My first gift I shared in last week’s blog post here, was something extremely practical and useful or my bridesmaids. This week, I wanted to share the fun party favors I got them that they will not only love but will be great in photos for Bachelorette & Wedding Week.

Jean Jackets

Way before I ever got engaged, I knew I wanted to do something special with Jean Jackets for myself and possibly my bridesmaids. If you have been around long you know I love my jeans and my jean jackets. I decided to get them something practical that they could wear again but if not it was still a great pieces to have for wedding festivities.

I used my friend Sydney from Golden Custom Designs to put the names on the jean jackets. She was quick, affordable, and did EXACTLY what I wanted. They truly are your one stop shop for all things personalized. So if you need cosmetic bags, tumblers, shirts, you name it they probably have it.

Jean jackets can be affordable or expensive so it is really up to your budget to decide what you want to do. I went with affordable jean jackets from Boo Hoo, they were around $16 each making the jacket total around $35-40 per person. You could also find greaf affordable ones at Tartet, Walmart, Amazon, Shein, and Loft Outlet.

Pajama Party Sleep Masks

Because of COVID, we decided to do something a little more lo-key for my Bachelorette. We decided on renting a cabin in Broken Bow, OK not far from the city. There are tons of great restaurants, winery, etc. but unsure of the nightlife, we decided one night to do a pajama party.

I found super cute but inexpensive facemasks on Etsy and personalized them or each of my girls. They had tons of different colors to pick form and it is a great way to do something photo worthy without braking the bank.

Wife of the Party & The Party Swimsuits

Because my wedding is in Florida and we have a super nice hot tub at the cabin I decided these were a must. Because the price can add up quick, I wanted to be budget conscious but also pick ones that were cute, faltering, and a good material. I was so impressed with the robes I ordered for my girls that I decided to use Wedding Favorites for my swimsuits.

These were such great price and the quality is incredible. Not to mention they had quicker than expected turn around time. I would highly highly recommend them. They have everything from pjs, to specific themes, party décor, flower girl pieces, EVERYTHING.

I hope this was helpful for you! I paid for everything out of my own pocket but I truly loved each of the vendors I used so much that I wanted to share them with you! See you back next week for more looks at our Bachelorette Party!

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